Horton Fury Crossbow Review

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Horton Fury Review

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Crossbow hunters tend to be connoisseurs of their sport and the gear that comes with it. With that said, they are always looking for the latest and greatest equipment made by companies that share their passion for the sport and are insistent on breaking the mold of crossbow design and functionality. At the forefront of crossbow innovation is Horton Archery, creators of the Fury crossbow and pioneers of Reverse Draw Technology (RDT). This cutting edge design puts the limbs on the sides of the crossbow parallel to the barrel in a forward facing position. Not only does this technology make the Fury and other Horton crossbows incredibly compact, it also enhances the trajectory of the arrow for incredible takedown power of pretty much any game you’re after. At well under a grand, the Horton Fury is an example of what crossbows will look like in the future but is available now for you to get your hands on what is easily one of the coolest crossbows ever made.

One of the biggest draws to the sport of crossbow hunting and target shooting is its ability to be enjoyed by all generations and genders of shooters. In designing their technologically advanced lineup of crossbows, Horton takes into consideration the needs and abilities of every potential shooter in order to create the most practical crossbows for every situation. It all started about 50 years ago with Horton founder Bernard Horton’s recognition that crossbows of the time weren’t suiting the needs of big game hunters used to high-powered rifles. Horton was an experienced gunsmith and hunter and started tinkering on personal crossbow designs at his home workshop. He designed his products to be accurate and durable but wanted them to be powerful and reliable more so than anything else. Combine Horton’s vision with a half century’s experience in the industry, a dedicated team of bowhunting engineers and designers, and an ear for the customer’s demand and you’ve got one of the most innovative and desirable manufacturers of American made crossbows.

Horton Fury Crossbow Review

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Like its slightly smaller sibling the Havoc, the revolutionary RDT design of the Horton Fury gives it an incredibly ergonomic feel. The forward-facing position of the laminated limbs transition the weight distribution of the riser over the hands for a much more natural balance and comfortable grip. This is a highly sought after design feature from hunters used to nose-heavy crossbows with wide limbs that may cause tilting and rolling. With the Fury, width is nonissue–the limbs compress to only 13-inches wide when the bow is cocked. That makes the Fury one of the thinnest and most compact crossbows on the market, which hunters used to jostling with branches around tree stands and thickets around blinds will find unbeatable. With a length of 35 1/4-inches, the Fury is less than an inch longer than the Havoc, which is still below average among most compound crossbows. The Fury’s riser is made from a lightweight machined aluminum that help keeps the mass weight of the crossbow at a manageable 8-pounds. The CNC-machined cams are fitted with Horton custom Viper X strings designed for maximum velocity and resilience.

With arrow speeds over 360 fps, the Horton Fury has no problem penetrating and crushing the bones of big game even at long distances–just make sure you upgrade to appropriately tipped arrows. A modest draw weight of 160-pounds and power stroke just under 16-inches makes the crossbow relatively easy to cock, but Horton does included an RDT cocking sled to assist in bringing the string to firing position.  The crossbow utilizes an ultra-light MIM Talon trigger with an anti-dry fire mechanism and dual sided safety. For beginners and experts alike, this increases the safety factor of firing the Fury and gives you more control of the power harnessed in the bow before and upon firing an arrow. Dry firing is a serious potential hazard with many crossbows that can cause harm to the shooter, innocent bystanders, and the bow itself. The mechanism prevents the crossbow from being fired without an arrow loaded and could potential be you and your bow’s saving grace.

Adding to the control and stability of firing the crossbow are the inclusion of interchangeable over-molded recoil pads that significantly reduce the kickback after a shot. The butt stock is also fitted with a Monte Carlo cheek rest that can also be adjusted to make holding and aiming the crossbow more comfortable. The futuristic design of the Fury is eye-catching in its own right but comes finished with Realtree APG camo for added stealth on the hunt. If you purchase the package, you will also receive Horton’s 4×32 Mult-a-Range scope, which users attest to being easy to use and consistently on target. The kit also includes Horton’s new Arachnid BLK 5-arrow quiver and three field point arrows. Many hunters will love the carrying capacity of the Arachnid quiver since most companies only make three (and occasionally four) arrow varieties and this one is one of the lightest on the market.

Horton Fury Crossbow Review

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The pioneering design of the Horton Fury crossbow may not be for everyone, but for shooters looking for something new and something different that performs with the best of them will fall in love with Horton crossbows. No other company is putting themselves out there and trying new things as much as Horton, though there are imitators emerging. Horton crossbows are nearly impossible to cock incorrectly with the aid of their patented cocking sled. In the event something does go wrong, your Horton product is under warranty, and their team of dedicated bow crafters will take their time to make sure your product is up and running and back to you as soon as possible. Check out Horton’s site for their latest catalog and owner’s manual before taking to the web for the best available deal. Needless to say, at its price point and with its stunning features the Horton Fury is the game-changing piece of equipment for hunters that demand the most out of their crossbow.





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  • Rick Cumins


    I have a Fury that I purchased used. I need an Owners Manual and a string replacement cable for it. Do you have any idea how I can find either?

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