Carbon Express Covert SLS Crossbow Review

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Carbon Express Covert SLS Review

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The Covert SLS crossbow has several attractive features and several negative ones. First for the good: The bow itself is very narrow with split limbs and hard cams. A narrow bow greatly increases the left and right field of fire one can safely shoot in hunting situations. It is also a powerful bow rated at 355 feet per second with 119 foot pounds of energy. Only a very few other crossbows are able to meet or exceed this performance level.


Durability is important in any weapon and the Covert SLS crossbow should prove a durable weapon. It has a machined aluminum barrel as well as a machined aluminum riser and cams. Many crossbows cheapen these parts with composite materials that in our experience may warp with time, lose their screw or bolt holding abilities, or both.  The limbs on the Covert SLS are the same carbon infused glass limbs which have already proven extremely durable and near unbreakable on other Carbon Express crossbow models.

Another big plus for the Covert SLS is the price. As of this writing the Covert SLS crossbow is retailing for about 600.00 in a package that includes a quiver, three bolts, cocking aid, and a lighted reticle scope. I do not know of any other crossbow of this quality construction and performance that sells at this price or less.


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No weapon is ever perfect and the Covert SLS is no different. There are two negatives to this crossbow, neither however is a deal breaker and one can easily be fixed! The first negative is the scope is mounted two high for comfortable viewing when holding the crossbow in a natural position. Carbon Express is using extra high rings to hold the scope, the result is one must hold their head up off the stock slightly to see through the scope. This can be easily fixed by changing the rings to low or medium height ones. The scope will then line up in a natural position for your eye when your cheek is held against the stock in a normal manner.


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The other negative is not so easily fixed. Many users are saying they find the Covert SLS to be a heavy crossbow. Carbon Express refers to it as a lightweight design, which it is when compared to some previous Carbon Express models, however are customers are comparing it to other manufacturers crossbows such as the Parker Tornado or Bowtech Strykezone models. The Covert SLS is noticeably heaver then these two crossbows and that turns some customers off. These are something you should know.


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