Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package Review

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Barnett Jackal Review


When I first saw a video review of the Barnett Jackal crossbow package and saw how professional it seemed, I was simply stunned to find out just how affordable it was. But don’t be fooled by the price either, this crossbow is tactical, practical, and is perfect for first-time shooters, pros looking to add to their collection, and everyone in between.

If you weren’t already aware, Barnett Crossbows is the number one manufacturer of crossbows in the world with over one million sold to date. For over twenty five years, their experienced team of technicians and engineers have made some incredible innovations to the sport while producing some of the best crossbows on the market–among them the Jackal. The team at Barnett are themselves experienced hunters and whenever its time to develop a new product they look to the crossbow community for recommendations for changes. This way your desires are going straight into the product you may very well be shooting come the next hunting season.

barnett jackal crossbow review

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When it comes to the specs, the Jackal package has everything the average shooter needs to get started shooting–the crossbow, a 3-dot scope, quick-detach quiver, and three 20-inch bolts with field point tips. The crossbow itself looks pretty sleek with its military-style stock and quad-limbs decked out in Realtree camo. The Picatinny rail makes for a super-accurate straight sight when the scope is detached but is ready for any aftermarket attachments if you’re looking to customize your bow. The Jackal weighs in at 7.7-pounds, which may be slightly heavy for some smaller shooters but still falls within the average weight range and is completely manageable.

Unless you’re headed to somewhere in Africa you probably won’t be hunting jackals, but the Barnett Jackal certainly could take one down. With speeds up to 315 fps powered by 150-pounds of draw weight, this crossbow is perfect for game upward of deer-size. When you’re not in the field, the Jackal is a great practice and target-shooting crossbow for the range or your own backyard (if space and legality permits, of course). Unfortunately the Jackal package omits the inclusion of a cocking aid, so I strongly recommend a rope-cocking device to take the strain out of the 150-pound draw.

barnett jackal crossbow review The included 3-dot scope features both red and green light indicators that vary in intensity for different distances. It’s a great scope for most environments and aiming situations and adds to the tactical look of the crossbow. As previously mentioned, the rail on the Jackal is accurate enough for most hunting situations within about twenty yards, so some shooters may find the scope unnecessary. The package comes with three aluminum field point arrows by Easton that have you ready to pull the trigger nearly as soon as the bow is assembled. However, avid hunters should consider upgrading to more durable carbon fiber arrows with broadhead points made for taking down game.

The Jackal’s trigger was recently upgraded with Barnett’s ADF MIM system with the industry standard 3.5-pound trigger pull, which allows for an easy and consistent squeeze. Another upgrade to the newer Jackal models is the addition of a cable slide-a white, U-shaped plastic accessory that fits on the riser between the two main cables. This slide will not only help to reduce the wear on the strings, it will also help to reduce the overall noise of firing and increase the speed of the arrow fired. Like everything else on your crossbow, you will need to lubricate the cable slide with wax as part of routine maintenance. Though the Jackal’s makeover sound fancy, the crossbow couldn’t be easier to shoot. Its up to you to get the string cocked, aim, and pull the trigger, but the rest is left up to the Jackal’s high-energy cam wheels and synthetic string/cable system. The AVi foot stirrup helps the cocking process and brings the overall length of the Jackal to 36-inches, the perfect size for most shooters.

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Overall, it’s hard to find a more complete crossbow package with the same wallet-friendly price as the Barnett Jackal. If someone asked me to go out and purchase him/her the best crossbow for the money, I’d have no choice but to choice but to choose the Jackal. Barnett backs all of its products with a 5-year warranty and is known for having one of the best customer service departments in the industry. Users on online retailers are giving the Jackal consistently high ratings and positive reviews across the board for its accuracy, durability, and bar-none affordability.

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