Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Review – Why You Shouldn’t Fear Of This Ghost?

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Sometimes all it takes for me to be sold on a product is seeing it used by an industry leader. So when I saw Pat Reeve, host of Driven TV on the Outdoor Channel, showing off the Barnett Ghost 410 crossbow, I knew it had to be something special.

Reeve is one of the biggest and most respected celebrities in the hunting community whom uses his experience to provide the rest of us with hunting tips and techniques on his show each week.

Granted he was on stage in front of cameras and industry insiders in the video, Reeve was decked out in camo and sighting down the rail of the Ghost 410 as though there was a trophy buck in the back of the room ready to be taken down.

Despite having the look of a heavy-duty military rifle, the crossbow seemed almost weightless in his hands. And that’s part of the draw of the new Ghost–it looks big and bad but its actually smaller, lighter, and more compact than its predecessor, the flagship model Ghost 400. If you check the latest addition to the Ghost line and looked into its features, you will come to a conclusion that this brand new Ghost 410 might be the best hunting gear for the coming season.

Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Review

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Barnett didn’t become the crossbow industry’s leading manufacturer for nothing–every product they put out pushes the mold of crossbow design and innovation. For over half a century, Barnett has been striving to increase the power and speed of their crossbows while reducing weight, size, and noise so that hunters who purchase their products are carrying around the most comfortable, reliable, and effective piece of equipment possible.

In products like the Ghost 410, the end result is nearly flawless–it’s currently one of the fastest crossbows on the market with arrow speeds upwards of 410 feet per second (hence the model number). At just 7.3-pounds mass weight and under 20-inches from axle to axle, the 410 has all the power and features of the 400 in a much lighter, fasted, and more compact package.

The unparalleled balance and weight ratio of the Ghost 410 is attributed to Barnett’s signature Carbonlite Riser Technology (CRT), which uses super-strong and lightweight carbon-based materials to create a perfectly balanced riser that’s 43% lighter than previous models.

Not only does this design make the crossbow more comfortable for carrying in the field and sighting targets, its also much safer for the shooter as the balance point is shifted away from frame of the crossbow and closer to the shooter’s shoulder. The sturdy synthetic stock also features an appropriately placed finger guard and foregrip that adds to crossbow’s comfort.

Many crossbows on the market are nose-heavy and become cumbersome to keep sighted without the aid of a sling or bipod. Fortunately the Ghost 410 package comes with a Talon sling, but even without it most shooters will be comfortable with an eye down the sight while walking, scanning sectors, and zeroing in on target for extended lengths.

This is also helped by the fact that the foot stirrup is built directly into the barrel of the Ghost between the composite limbs so that no extremity protrudes from the nose of the crossbow.

Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Review

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Speaking of the scope, the 410 comes with the same 3×32 lighted scope that users of the 400 raved about. The scope boasts four aiming points with horizontal lines and center dots that be switched between red and green illumination.

Also included in the package is Barnett’s new Carbon Cross 3-arrow quiver and three 22-inch Headhunter arrows.

Though the draw weight of the 410 remains the same as its predecessor at 185-pounds, Barnett updated the new package with the inclusion of a rope cocking aid. This makes cocking the Ghost 410 much easier, safer, and more efficient and takes away from having to make the extra purchase to complete your crossbow package.

Therefore as soon as your new Barnett Ghost 410 arrives to your door, all you have to do is some minor assembly and you’re ready to shoot. And get ready for some of the most gratifying crossbow shooting you will ever experience, even if you’re just aiming at hay bales in your backyard. You’ve probably never had the chance to shoot a crossbow as fast as the Ghost 410, and until Barnett comes out with the 420 (or whatever is next is line) you probably never will–this really is one of the fastest crossbows out there.

Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow ReviewLike the Ghost 350 and 400, the new Ghost model is outfitted with CROSSWIRE strings and cables and Whiplash Cams that use the best materials the engineers at Barnett have been able to put into a crossbow.

The cams on the 410 appear to be slightly beefier, allowing for the strings and cables to operate more smoothly and quietly while still projecting a hard-hitting and precise shot on target.

Barnett has also brought back their innovative Metal Injection Mold (MIM) trigger with Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) safety system with the ideal 3.5-pound trigger pull. Combined, all of these features contribute to the Ghost 410 being one of the most technologically complex crossbows on the market without hindering the simplicity of firing it.

Keep in mind that a crossbow with this much potential energy and velocity will typically require more maintenance than the average crossbow to keep all of the components in working order. The strings should be properly lubricated with wax between uses and the cams protected from tree limb or other damage.

Sometimes products are expensive just to keep up with times and demand. Other times its because the product is made using the best materials by the best technicians in the industry and backed by a comprehensive warranty and stellar customer service–Barnett crossbows fit into the latter group.

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Barnett has plenty of other crossbows that are perfect for target shooters and hunters of all levels of experience and preferences, but the Ghost 410 is simply the top of the line. As in most purchases, you get what you pay for and more often than not a higher price entails a higher quality product.

Once you see what the Ghost 410 can do, you’ll understand that it will pay for itself in the sheer satisfaction you will get every time you pull the trigger.



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  • Bad_taters

    It is not the fastest crossbow on the market.Scorpyd makes 3 models that shoot 420,430,440 fps.

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