Barnett Ghost 350 review 2

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Barnett Ghost 350 review


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This is the review Ghost 350 from Barnett. After read Ghost 410 or 400, you may find that Barnett names the product in this series with its speed. So the speed of Ghost 410, 400 and 350 are 410 fps(feet per second), 400 fps, and 350 fps respectively.

Above is the box-opening video for Ghost 350, and you will find it’s very easy to assemble this crossbow. So next time when your box arrives, you have every confidence to put parts together.

Let’s see what other people say about this crossbow:

1. B. Davidson says:

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2. Jnagle28 says:

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3. ComitTech says

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4. Freddy Sextons says

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—-> Next, we will get into the detail of Barnett’s first reverse-limb crossbow: Vengeance

—-> So, continue reading our Barnett Vengeance Review if still don’t make up your mind.

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