Barnett BCX Crossbow Review

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Barnett BCX Review

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Many hunters out there enjoy using crossbows on their tips, largely because it adds a thrilling twist to the experience. But some may not want to use models that are awkward or simply inaccurate. You won’t have to worry about that if you choose to buy the Barnett BCX Crossbow. This is a top quality crossbow design that is compact and will still provide the stopping power that you need for different game.

barnett bcx

Read through this Barnett BCX Crossbow review to find out the information you need to know about this model. Many people will want to know the technical specs that it provides, and this review will cover those for you.

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One of the first things you will notice about the Barnett BCX Crossbow is that it has a small size to it. Some people may think that this means the model won’t be able to put some kick behind each shot. But the truth is that this really is not the case.

barnett bcx 5

The Barnett BCX Crossbow will fire with as much stopping power as the vast majority of other crossbows out on the market. It can actually fire with 118 pounds of kinetic energy behind each shot that it produces. There are models much larger out there that simply can provide this kind of force behind their shots.

Some people may even appreciate that this model is smaller than others. The total weight of this crossbow from Barnett is 7.1 pounds, and it sacrifices nothing in terms of accuracy. In fact, it may be easier to draw a bead on your target with a crossbow that feels so light in your hands.

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Novice hunters or those unused to shooting crossbows will certainly appreciate this design feature. This makes it the perfect model for anyone to start training their aim and positioning before they go out on a hunt with a crossbow.

Whether you are a beginner or a season professional, this crossbow model will meet your needs. Its small size also makes it highly affordable for most customers. You can find it retailed at around $700(check out the latest price HERE) for the basic model. If you don’t already have a small sized cross bow, this will be the one you should add to your arsenal.

Some hunters may also appreciate that the model features a camouflage paint scheme. This can help hide the crossbow when you need to track down game out in the woods.

You don’t want your piece to give you away before you ever get a chance for a clear shot. Luckily, this compact crossbow model should be well hidden, even when you are within close range to the target.

barnett bcx 4

Finally, everyone will appreciate that the Barnett BCX Crossbow is fitted with its own highly accurate scope on the top. This scope will give the hunter dead aim when they fire this crossbow at a target on the range or out in the field.

This review gives a glowing recommendation to this product because it is simply easy to fire and highly accurate. So you can click here to see the latest rating, reviews and price on Amazon. In case you have more questions or doubts about this crossbow, feel free to leave a comment below, and we get you later. =)

Barnett BCX Review



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  • I have the bcx and I love it. I’ve been using crossbows for 33 years because I’m disabled and I must say this is the finest crossbow I’ve shot. I had a Ten Point and it is a great bow but the Barnett bcx is my favorite. The bcx is fast, light, and deadly accurate. What more could you want.

    • Thanks Peter, for your comment, I really do.

      BCX is a great crossbow, everyone seems love this one. I wish we can hear more successful stories with BCX.

      Again, I DO wish you Merry Christmas! Get together with your family and keep hunting next year!

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